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Welcome to Tender Loving K-9's

Tender Loving K9’s was established in 2007 as a local therapy dog organization        dedicated to serving the needs of the Katy area.   All of our TLK9’s members are registered with Therapy Dogs Inc., a national therapy dog organization, which sets the standards for our testing and training to become therapy dog teams.

Since 2007, our membership has continued to grow and we are currently making regular visits to hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, libraries, public and private schools as well as one college campus.  While we began as an organization dedicated to serving the Katy area, we are excited that we have been asked to participate in programs in and around Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land and Houston.  We are excited about each of these opportunities to serve and will continue to fulfill requests for our services as our membership grows and therapy dog teams become available.

TLK9’s R.E.A.D.ers have had the greatest success over the last year working with children in school and library programs.  These programs are designed by education professionals and our therapy dog teams specifically to address the needs of the children at each location we serve.  Please review our R.E.A.D. page for additional details concerning our Reading Education Assistance Dogs.

Our therapy dog teams are dedicated to our current programs and the facilities we serve and look forward to new and/or additional opportunities for 2013.


We are a 501(C)(3) volunteer not-for-profit organization founded to provide purpose for our lives and others while providing acceptance, warmth and smiles to the people we touch and who touch us.







Tender Loving K-9’s is a non-profit organization of volunteers that bring joy offering TLC (Tender Loving Care) while visiting hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, public libraries, and educational facilities within the Katy, Houston, and surrounding areas.

Therapy dogs instinctively seem to know how to connect with the specific needs of each individual, and we have seen first-hand how the human/animal bond can produce Extraordinary Results!


  • The Tender Loving K-9’s enrich lives by providing Purpose, Acceptance, Warmth, and Smiles.
  • Providing PURPOSE in the lives of each dog team allowing us to bring joy to others.
  • Provides unconditional ACCEPTANCE of everyone we visit by recognizing their specific needs.
  • Provides WARMTH with their gentle, loving spirit.
  • Provides SMILES to patients, staff members, visitors and observers.

Volunteers and their K-9 partners are nationally registered members of Therapy Dogs Incorporated.